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Getting Ready to Worship

Introduction to the Unit

Gathering Song

Getting Ready for Bible Storytelling



Saying Sorry to God

Saying Sorry Action

God Gives us a New Start

Prayers for Other People

Prayer Action

Thank You God

Creative Response

Sharing God's Peace

Taking God's Love

Into the World

God the Maker Unit

➜ Book 1, pp.81-128.


The God the Maker unit aims to nurture and deepen children’s natural sense of wonder and thanks for God’s beautiful world.


There are also opportunities to prepare for a Harvest Festival by telling the story of bread (or other local produce) and to spend one session on an extended activity in which children are encouraged to respond to God’s call for us all to become active helpers in caring for God’s world.

Build your own Diddy Disciples session

Click on the Building Blocks on the left to explore the worship material and build your own Diddy Disciples session.

See Book 1, p.6 for a short introduction to how to build a session.

See Book 1, p.217 for a step-by-step guide to each Building Block.

Bible Storytelling

See Diddy Disciples Book 1 for the six stories from the ​Jesus' Wonderful Love Unit.

Week 1: God the Maker (Genesis 1.1-2.3), p.103

Week 2: God Plants a Garden (Genesis 2.4-15), p.107

Week 3: Everything in All the World Sings Alleluia! (Psa 148), p.111

Week 4: Jesus the Maker (Calming of the Storm), Luke 8.22f, p.114

Week 5: Harvest: Thank You, God the Maker!, p.118

Week 6: Let’s Take Care of God’s World (extended activity), p.121

Creative Response Starter Ideas

See Diddy Disciples Book 1 from p.122 for a wide range of Creative Response Starter Ideas.

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