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Diddy Disciples worship generally needs its own room (for the duration of the session only).

This is because Diddy Disciples doesn’t involve very much keeping quiet or still, but rather celebrates our voices and body movements and uses them to worship God.

The room you use doesn’t need to be big. At St Peter’s school, we used to hold our nursery Diddy Disciples session within the very small carpet space. However, the size of your room will influence some of the choices that you make.

When preparing a room for any worship with children, try this helpful exercise by Dr Rebecca Nye:​

‘Stand at the threshold of a space where you meet with children . . . Find at least a dozen adjectives to describe this physical space. Then sit where a child would normally sit in that space: add more descriptors to your list.

1. Do you think of God as being like any of the things on your list?

2. Do you think of children as being like any of the things on your list?

3. What would you most like to change to make this space a better space for children to be with God and God to be with children?’

Rebecca Nye, Children’s Spirituality: What It Is and Why It Matters

(London: Church House Publishing, 2009), p.46.

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