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Getting Ready to Worship

Introduction to the Unit

Gathering Song

Getting Ready for Bible Storytelling



Saying Sorry to God

Saying Sorry Action

God Gives us a New Start

Prayers for Other People

Prayer Action

Thank You God

Creative Response

Sharing God's Peace

Taking God's Love

Into the World


Saying Sorry Action: Option 1

➜Psalm 103.12

➜Action:remove paper weeds from a ‘garden’ filled with paper flowers


In Green Time, everything grows!

Flowers grow, trees grow

Either: and the Church grows.

We’re part of the Church, so we’re growing too!

Or: and we grow.

If appropriate: What do gardens need to grow?

Accept the children’s responses.

You might like to add/repeat:

Gardens need sun, rain, etc., to grow.

To help gardens grow, we also need to pull the weeds out.

Place your ‘garden’ in the centre of the circle.

Let’s imagine that our heart’s like this garden,

covered with weeds.

When we say sorry to God,

it’s like we’re weeding our heart.

We’re pulling all the bad things out

and making space for the beautiful flowers.

Let’s go round the circle

and pull one weed out of the garden each

so we can see the beautiful flowers growing beneath.

While all the children and adults who wish to weed the garden do so, lead the group in either:

Option 1: singing the ‘I’m sorry’ refrain, or

Option 2: humming the first two lines of the ‘We need a new start’ song followed by singing the refrain ‘We’re sorry, we’re sorry, we need a new start’

Ask the last child to remove any remaining weeds on behalf of the group. If your group has a large number of children, you may wish to carry two ‘gardens’ around the circle in opposite directions.

When the group is ready:

Look at our beautiful garden!

Now we can see all the flowers growing.

The Good News is that when we say sorry,

God will always give us a new start!

We can grow beautifully again

Just like our beautiful garden.

After three, let’s say ‘God gives us a new start!’

1, 2, 3: God gives us a new start!

Let’s use our new start to share God’s love this week!


Saying Sorry Action: Option 2

➜Action: growing from a seed

The Good News is:

God always wants to give us a new start!

God wants to plant a little seed,

Show imaginary seed between fingers

the seed of love, in all of us.

Let’s close our eyes for a moment.

Let’s imagine Jesus coming to us now.

Let’s ask Jesus to make our hearts ready.

Now let’s imagine Jesus planting

that seed in our hearts.

Let’s open our eyes again.

Let’s imagine we’re the little seed

that Jesus has planted in us.

Let’s curl up into a ball.

Lead the children in curling up into a ball.

Let’s show our roots with our fingers.

Lead the children in wiggling fingers.

We need to let our roots grow down deep.

Lead the children in wiggling fingers down.

Then after three, let a little shoot pop up.

1, 2, 3 . . . Pop!

Poke your hands up over your head like a little shoot.

Then start to grow up tall.

Gradually stand up, swaying like a growing stalk.

Taller and taller onto our tiptoes . . .

Reach up with pointy hands and on tiptoes.

Let’s turn our faces up towards the sun!

Then let our leaves or branches spread out wide.

Arms stretch slowly outwards.

After three, let’s say ‘God gives me a new start!’

1, 2, 3 . . . God gives me a new start!

What beautiful plants!

Let’s ask for Jesus’ love

to grow inside us today.

And let’s remember to share Jesus’ love

by caring for each other and for God’s beautiful world.

Saying Sorry Action

➜ Guide: Book1, p.223

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