Getting Ready to Worship


Introduction to the Unit

Gathering Song

Getting Ready for Bible Storytelling



Saying Sorry to God

Saying Sorry Action

God Gives us a New Start

Prayers for Other People

Prayer Action

Thank You God

Creative Response

Sharing God's Peace

Taking God's Love

Into the World

Interactive Storytelling

➜ Guide p.221.

See Diddy Disciples Book 2 for the stories from the ​Journey to the Cross unit.


Week 1:   Jesus Is Tested in the Wilderness, p.117

Week 2:  Jesus Enters Jerusalem, p.121

Week 3:   Jesus Cleans the Temple, p.125

Week 4:   Jesus Is like a Mother Hen, p.129

Week 5:   Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet, p.133

Week 6:   Jesus’ Last Meal (The Last Supper, p.139.


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Photos - Femi Omole