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Growing leaders

Diddy Disciples is all about growing leaders: young and old.

All ages and all sorts of people can get involved in leading Diddy Disciples sessions, each person according to their gifts and resources. The pattern of Diddy Disciples means that almost everything remains the same every week - including the set up of the room - making sharing leadership and supporting roles more possible.​

At St Peter’s Walworth, we’ve found it helpful to distinguish between four different ways of leading, which are all taken on by a combination of both children and adults at St Peter’s.

1. Preparation

Preparing the worship materials, any creative responses, setting up the room...

2. Spoken leading roles

This doesn’t need to mean leading the whole session: contributors can lead just a part:

for example one of the Prayer Building Blocks, or starting off the singing.

3. Unspoken leading roles

Taking the register, acting as one of the safeguarding adults, supporting children with special needs, helping newcomers join in, giving out and collecting imaginative aids, leading the group in actions...


4. Clearing up after the session

At St Peter's we have a team on Sunday mornings, including young people, who contribute in this important way. They don't have young children to attend to after the service and it makes such a difference to not have to tidy up as well as set up.


“Never do anything out of desperation, ‘If you don’t help us, we can’t do this…’ Always recruit to a vision.”
Mark Griffiths
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