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Diddy Disciples is designed to be sustainable. At St Peter's, Walworth we aim to use what’s already around us rather than buying in lots of new resources. As a starting point, however, we’ve found the following helpful:

Creative Response Resources

Diddy Disciples Books 1 and 2 provide a wide range of creative ‘starter ideas’ that aim to spark the children’s imaginations as well as one or more ‘print-and-go’ options for each week.

This time of Creative Response is optional but for those groups who choose it, these materials will come in helpful on a weekly basis:

  • white paper (different coloured paper is a nice addition)

  • coloured pencils (it's worth getting good quality pencils that need sharpening less often)

  • chunky crayons (for younger children)

  • white card (not essential but useful)

  • child-safe scissors

  • glue sticks (cheap versions are fine)

  • PVA glue kept in small lidded pots with spatulas (for younger children)

  • straws or lollipop sticks

  • masking tape (cheap versions are fine)

  • pipe cleaners (not essential but useful)

  • string

Imaginative Aids

Diddy Disciples encourages the use of imaginative aids during the Gathering Song to send a strong signal that this is an environment where imagination is celebrated.​ Imaginative aids can be anything that the children can use to make shapes and show feelings.

At St Peter’s, Walworth, we tend to use the following imaginative aids but your choice will depend on your space, numbers, imagination and budget. In St Peter’s nursery class, we’ve used fallen autumn leaves to wave during our God the Maker unit.


purple hand scarves (Advent and Lent).

We buy small scarves here

yellow ribbons threaded onto rings (Easter, Christmas, Epiphany).

We make them like this.

green streamers on sticks (Green Time/Ordinary Time).

We buy them here.


If your church uses liturgical colours, you may wish to use imaginative aids that correspond to the season’s colour. 


If your church doesn’t use liturgical colours, it may still be worth using only one colour at a time, to prevent upset about which colour each child is given. This will help to keep the emphasis on the children’s imagination and how they use the aids rather than on the choice set before them.  

Why use imaginative aids?

  • to fire up imaginations

  • to familiarize children with participating actively

  • to present opportunities for worshipping God in ways beyond words

  • to give babies the opportunity to explore their bodies and bring them into worship

  • to give toddlers and children the confidence to use their whole bodies in worship

  • to open up opportunities for babies, toddlers, and children to become lost in the moment

  • to cut down on preparation time: imaginative aids can become whatever you want them to be!

Diddy Disciples collage
Diddy Disciples scissors
Diddy Disciples pencils
Diddy DIsciples imaginative aids
Diddy Disciples Green Streamers
Diddy Disciples Purple scarves
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