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Diddy Disciples celebrates being part of the Church

Babies and children are full members of the worshipping community.

They are disciples too: little disciples, ‘Diddy Disciples’.

In the words of Rebecca Nye, Diddy Disciples aims to be part of building ‘two-way bridges between the child’s spiritual insights and the traditional spiritual language of the church’.

'This is a serious book: serious about children; serious about worship; serious about spirituality; serious about God. Sharon Moughtin-Mumby draws upon her own experience as a priest, a parent and a theologian, and on the time-honoured shape of the liturgy, to create patterns for worship that honour God, by enabling the tiniest worshippers to hear the word and respond in praise. She offers enchanting and creative resources that will help to build the Church.’


- Gill Ambrose, Consultant to the

Liturgical Commission and Chair

of Godly Play UK


Diddy Disciples isn’t designed to help children learn about being a Christian or about the Bible or about the Church. Diddy Disciples is Church for babies, toddlers, and young children.  It’s worship in the same way as the main Sunday service in any church is worship.

You can use the materials to build a service that reflects your main Sunday service as closely as possible: but using bodies, and song, and movement, and symbols to encourage even the youngest children to join in.

If your church uses Common Worship (Church of England) or BCP 2004 (Church of Ireland) , Diddy Disciples includes lots of options to make connections with your church tradition and your rhythm of worship.

Some of this language can be poetic. Remember: babies and young children can appreciate and enjoy language as poetic and beautiful from the youngest age. Just think of the number of picture books in poetry that there are for young children.

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