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Diddy Disciples celebrates movement

​Body language is young children’s first language. Let’s use it!

‘I’m excited by Diddy Disciples! It’s a celebration of Psalm 8.2 and all that babies and toddlers bring to worship. Movement, stories, actions and songs combine in carefully crafted sessions to draw groups into a new way of worshipping that will enrich everyone involved. I can’t wait to start using it.’

The Revd Mary Hawes

National Children & Youth Adviser,

The Church of England


Young children express themselves far more naturally and readily with their bodies than with words. This includes their internal thoughts and feelings.


Babies can read facial expressions from a very young age. Many love copying other people’s expressions.


Let's encourage and celebrate babies & toddlers' fluency in body language. Let's use it in our worship!

Diddy Disciples Movement
Diddy Disciples Movement Drawing

People who learn to 'sit still and be quiet' in church when they are children may keep on doing this as adults! 

Let's encourage God's People to be active in worship and church life from the very beginning.

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