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Diddy Disciples celebrates repetition: ‘Again! Again!’

Familiarity means children can become experts, taking full part and leading.

‘Diddy Disciples is brilliant: a rich resource for leaders, simple and accessible for young children, inviting them into a lifelong journey of faith. Highly commended.’

- The Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft,

Bishop of Oxford


builds confidencea familiar pattern can help children feel confident. No more standing by watching because they’re not sure what’s happening next! In time, they may even like to lead!


strengthens understanding: repeated words in songs can help children who aren’t fluent in English: young children, children with another first language, children with special needs.


deepens understanding: returning to the same words over time gives children the chance to build up layers of understanding.


helps adult leaders: it’s liberating to know that almost all of the next week’s worship will be familiar.

grows child leaders: familiarity means children can become experts and feel confident to take leading roles.


contributes to behaviour management: children respond well to clear expectations, and this can help with behaviour management. Diddy Disciples has periods of movement punctuated by (short) periods of silence and calm. Once children have learned the pattern, it’s much easier for them to stay quiet for a short time.

Diddy Disciples Repetition
Diddy Disciples Agen Agen Drawing

Diddy Disciples worship is designed to help your group find a rhythm.


Once you’ve chosen a pattern of worship that suits you, the structure stays the same for a whole unit (4-6 weeks).

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