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Diddy Disciples celebrates learning

Children are encouraged to make connections between their worship and what happens around them at home, nursery, and school.

 ‘We all think we know that biblical scholarship and Sunday School teaching belong in different worlds. Diddy Disciples shows that we are wrong. Sharon Moughtin-Mumby brings the wisdom of a professional biblical scholar to the task of communicating the essence of the Bible to very young children, unveiling the depths of biblical stories for young disciples. Very user-friendly material from which adults can learn too.’


- The Revd John Barton,

Emeritus Professor, University of Oxford


Diddy Disciples aims to build up a People of God who naturally:

     - bring their relationship with God into their home life and work

     - bring their home life and work into their relationship with God.

The materials make lots of links with the kinds of things that babies and young children learn in their daily lives:

     - counting out loud

     - noticing different kinds of weather

     - exploring different kinds of emotions

A rich range of Creative Response options encourage the children to make connections between their Bible storytelling and the kinds of things they may be learning about at home, nursery, or school: including science, geography, maths or reading.

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