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Diddy Disciples celebrates our feelings and emotions

The Bible explores the whole range of human emotions openly.

Diddy Disciples aims to follows this biblical lead.

‘Anyone involved in education would agree that the early years in a child’s life are crucial for laying the foundations of learning. We so often underestimate children’s abilities and needs. Diddy Disciples is the resource I have been waiting for; a superb treasure trove of meaningful, interesting and challenging activities for pre-school children in our churches.'

- The Revd Richard Peers,

Director of Education,

Diocese of Liverpool


In the Bible, the whole range of human emotions is explored openly.

- in the Psalms, singers bring feelings of anger, revenge, jealousy, hopelessness and self-hatred before God as well as joy, praise, love, hope and thankfulness.


- in countless Bible stories, emotions that can be seen as negative are brought before God and transformed.


To give just one example, Moses’ rage (that leads him to murder an overseer) is seen by God, transformed, and used as a catalyst to set God’s people free.

Diddy Disciples takes the example set by the Bible seriously. It aims to build a people of God who are comfortable in bringing all sorts of feelings before God, ready to see even negative emotions transformed by God into something beautiful, holy and life-giving.

Early childhood is a wonderful place to begin this way of life. Young children are exploring their emotions and can sometimes be startled by their depth and complexity.

Diddy Disciples provides lots of opportunities to explore all sorts of different emotions and feelings in a safe place.


It aims to create a space where children experience their negative emotions being seen, named, forgiven, and transformed by God.

A favourite moment at St Peter’s, Walworth, each year is when we tell the story of Jesus cleansing the Temple in Lent. Here the children encounter holy anger in its proper place as we’re told, ‘Let’s all look angry like Jesus! . . . Now, really angry!’

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