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Gathering Song

➜ Guide: p.219

In November 


Gathering song

➜Song: ‘In November, we remember’ © Sharon Moughtin-Mumby

➜Tune: The refrain of ‘Oh my darling, Clementine’ (traditional).

If you’re using imaginative aids, ask 2–3 children to give them out. Encourage the children to warm up their imaginations by exploring making different shapes with their aids.


Invite some children, one at a time, to lead the group in making a shape or action. See p. 220 for examples of actions for scarves or ribbons, but don’t limit the children’s imagination to these:

What else could these be?

Once the children have finished warming up:

We need to make up some actions for our November song.

Who can show me an action for:

Sing: ‘In November, we remember’?

Choose an action.

Let’s sing that together:

In November, we remember Action 1

Now, who can show me an action for:

Sing: ‘all the good things our God gives’?

Choose an action.

Let’s sing that together:

all the good things our God gives Action 2

Now let’s hide our scarves/ribbons/streamers/hands behind our back

and sing ‘so that nothing is forgotten’.

So that nothing is forgotten Hide hands behind back

Last of all, who’s seen or heard fireworks this week?

In November there are lots of fireworks in the sky!

So our song for November ends with a fireworks action.

Who can show me fireworks?!

For instance, waving scarves/ribbons/hands above your head quickly

Let’s sing ‘and our special memories live!’ and show our fireworks.

And our special memories live! Fireworks action

Let’s try and sing that all together:

In November, we remember Action 1

all the good things our God gives. Action 2

So that nothing is forgotten, Hide hands behind back

and our special memories live! Fireworks!



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