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Getting Ready to Worship

Introduction to the Unit

Gathering Song

Getting Ready for Bible Storytelling



Saying Sorry to God

Saying Sorry Action

God Gives us a New Start

Prayers for Other People

Prayer Action

Thank You God

Creative Response

Sharing God's Peace

Taking God's Love

Into the World


See Diddy Disciples Book 1 for the four stories from the ​In November, We Remember Unit.

Week 1: We Remember: All the Saints! (1Cor 1.2; Eph 4.11-12), p.143

Week 2: We Remember: Remembrance Sunday, p.149 

Week 3: We Remember: All Who’ve Died (Rev 21.3-4, 23-25, p.153

Week 4: We Remember: Christ the King

Option 1: Do This to Remember Me (Matt 26.26–28), p.157 

Option 2: The Humble King (Luke 2.1–20; Phil 2.6–11), p.159

Extra Week: We Remember: People in Need (Acts 20.35), p.162

extended activity

Interactive Bible Storytelling

➜ Guide: Book 1, p.221

Resources for Week 4: Option 2
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